Vault of Larin Karr 5e

The adventure so far

The PC’s began their adventure in the town of Winterhaven, where they witnessed a twin-tailed shooting star plummet into the earth. Encouraged by the townsfolk the party travel to the crash site to find the fabled Star Metal has already been discovered by a party of goblins and wolves. The party defeat the goblins and track them to their cave where they stumble upon a goblin mage, harnessing the magic of the star Metal for himself. The cave is full of discarded books and drained magical paraphernalia.

As the PC’s watch the goblin mage seems to swell in size and a red, predators eye like stone around his neck starts to glow. The educated PC’s recognise a summoning ritual. The goblin mage completes his incantations and summons several Dretch into the cavern, although something appears to have gone wrong as the mage himself turns into a Dretch Demon aswell. Some of the dretch escape the cave. the party return to Ashvale where they have some of the Star Metal forged into magic items.

Some time later the PC’s here of an attack on the nearby town of Ashvale, an ancient town established on the edge of Trollbark Forest. The PC’s investigated the town and found it to be in ruin, with the creatures having attacked every night. The description of the raiders match the escaped Dretch from the goblin cave. The PC’s tracked the Dretch to a large forest clearing where they had summoned more Dretch. Once the PC’s defeated all of the demons the village was saved.

Not content with slaughtering a small army of demons, the PC’s investigated a nearby cave where they found a young green dragon. After a struggle the PC’s were victorious in vanquishing the dragon, at the cost of one of their number. Diz was killed in the dual with the dragon, however the village elders of Ashvale were keen to repay the PC’s and used their only Scroll of Resurrection to bring Diz back to life.

After setting up shop in Ashvale the PC’s were asked to investigate the dissapearance of several villagers who were out collecting wood to rebuild the settlement. The search took them to an ancient Netheril Tower, once home to a powerful wizard, but now residence to a necromancer in the process of becoming a Lich. The PC’s entered the tower and fought many undead constructs. They found a cache of magic artefacts and went on to confront the Necromancer, who reinvigorated the magics of the Netheril tower which soared into the air, crashing back to earth with the defeat of the necromancer. Unfortunately one of her servants was able to escape with the newly forged phylactery.

Quaill Valley Opening:
You’ve spent an evening recovering in the crash site of the Netheril Tower. As you take stock of your surroundings you see nothing but sheer cliffs around you with no apparent way back to the surface. The small section of sky you can see above you is becoming dark and the light at the site is fading.

As you explore your surroundings you stumble on a small shaft lit by luminescent fungi. The shaft entrance is surrounded by rubble from the tower and must have been uncovered by your dramatic entrance. The shaft is a squeeze for the larger members of your party, but there is the faint sound of activity coming from the entrance echoing from the far end of the tunnel. The tunnel takes you some distance and the echoes don’t appear to be getting any closer. The tunnel leads up and down, tight twists and sudden dips. It takes several hours or crawling, squeezing and climbing, but eventually the echoes get louder and there is a faint light coming from the far end of the shaft. You hear the sound of something being dumped and goblin chatter, followed by an evil cackling.


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