Welcome to Quaill Valley
Ever dreamed of exciting adventures and untold fortunes? Fancy the chance to slay a mighty fire breathing Dragon? If you answered yes to either of those, then you want to come to Quaill Valley. A large, spacious valley in the sunny Netheril section of Northern Faerun, situated near the Deep Maw and a few days travel from Waterdeep. The valley hosts three idyllic villages along a smooth flowing river, ideal for lazy boat rides, or you can relax on the golden sands of it’s shores.

If sunbathing isn’t your thing, then in the centre of the valley is a lustrous, ancient forest, full of secrets and adventure just waiting to be explored! Careful though, some of the local wildlife have large teeth and short tempers, nothing a well equipped adventurer can’t handle.

If a walking wildlife safari doesn’t take your fancy then how about some spelunking? The valley sits above a vast network of unexplored caves and tunnels just waiting to be discovered! Who knows what treasures and exotic creatures lie in wait for those brave enough to venture into the Underdark. The last time the valley hosted tourists brave enough to venture below, they must have found something fabulous because they were never seen again! Imagine yourselves living like kings the way they probably are now!

So if you like lazy sunday afternoons, mysterious forests full of larger than life wildlife or exploring dark and forboding caves, Quaill Valley is just for you!

Disclaimer: Swimming in the river, wandering through the forest or exploring the Underdark may result in injury or death.

Vault of Larin Karr 5e

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